March 2020

New Build Caerphilly Mountain

Comprising of Cafeteria to the ground floor, with bicycle workshop to rear,
And bicycle showroom to the upstairs mezzanine floor.




Warm white lamps installed throughout the ground floor cafeteria areas to create a warm atmosphere.
For the upstairs showroom, Daylight white lamps are not only known to lift people’s moods, but in this instance were utilised for their ability to make the vibrant colours of the bikes stand out against the grey background colour.
Also the higher lumens output of the daylight lamps are put to good use for the bicycle mechanics in the workshop area downstairs.








Decorative lighting to the exterior of the building is switched via Dusk to Dawn sensors.
Lighting within the workshop, store, and toilet areas is all via Occupancy sensors.
All other lighting within the building, including the ten exterior LED floodlights
Is switched via a bank of Rako switch and dimming modules.





An additional Rako RMR-VF was installed to interface between the lighting and the Burglar Alarm Panel (installed by others).
This automatically switches various lighting circuits in the event of the burglar alarm being activated. Enabling the HD cameras to capture all movements in full colour.
Also a port forwarding account was setup, and the broadband router reconfigured for remote access.
The Rako App is configured with Custom Bridge Settings which allows the customer full access to all light switches over a 3G or 4G Connection.





November 2019

LED Lighting





A small job, but extremely satisfying to see and finish it just as the light was going.
Four black Up/Down exterior lights fixed to a newly installed wooden fence and landscaped garden. Also changed the eight interior ceiling mounted down lights to the same GU10 fixture, installed new LED dimmers, and  5 Watt Warm White LED lamps to all fittings. Retaining the fluidity of Kitchen and Dining areas, and into the Garden.




October 2019







Installed to outside of pub. This is just a locked cabinet with a 13 Amp supply to it. The final plugging in and commissioning of the actual equipment is left to medical specialists, who also provide training to staff on site.



August 2019

Computer Controlled Door Entry System







A small part of larger rewiring works to an office reception area.
An upgrade to a previous system of a ten digit keypad for entry only. with the existing four digit code having been in circulation for many years.

The customers remit was for a modernised system whereby staff can be assigned and revoked access simply from a central system, whilst also providing an electronic roll call in the event of the building being evacuated.

This new system comprises two small proximity readers on either side of the door. Utilising the same plastic RFID Keytags used with the cheaper systems, this one has a Take On Reader connected directly to the reception PC, which together with an easy to use piece of software, enables any staff member to easily assign individual tags to each member of staff, with the ability to revoke access to individual personnel if required. Also the software has the capability to assign individual doors & personnel with different security access levels. The system is capable of remote access as well as expansion if required (up to 128 Doors).



February 2019

Upgrade Distribution Board to meet Fire Regulations






A recent Electrical Installation Condition Report on this domestic property found that although the plastic consumer unit wasn’t unsafe, it didn’t comply with newer Amendment 3 of the 17th Edition Regulations (July ’15). Which now requires that domestic installations have Fire Rated (Metal) Consumer Units. Incidentally on inspections to older installations, it’s only regarded as a C3 Fault if the position of the unit forms part of an escape route, or under stairs. As was the case with this property.


January 2019

LED Driveway lighting







Small 5 Watt LED Fittings installed to fence on driveway, and 50 Watt LED Floodlights fixed to tree. Multiple Passive Infra Red sensors to switch all lights when approaching from either end of driveway.
Also Remote Controlled HD Cameras (iOS & Android) to monitor movements. Facility to remotely control camera with zoom, as well as settings to allow captured photographs of intruders to be directly emailed to mobile devices.
(And children arriving home safely from school)



November 2018

CAT5/RJ45 Points for new VOIP Telephone System







Wire and install additional computer points throughout office, and terminate at new patch panel within existing server cabinet.
To serve new Voice Over Internet Protocol Telephone System


October 2018

LED Lighting to Office & Storage Facility



Original 5′ Fluorescent Tubes
New LED Replacement Tubes







Customer’s remit :

To upgrade lighting to more cost efficient LED, whilst decreasing an excessive amount of light fittings in some storage areas.
Approximate value of works £3000

Electricity cost savings of over £1000 per year.


Vending Machine Room & Office

New 600 x 600 LED Fittings
Original 600 x 600 Fluorescent Fittings
Main Office with New LED Panels







Standard Chrome louvered 72 Watt four tube fluorescent fittings within office are removed, & replaced with New 40 watt LED fittings.
These new LED fittings are emitting a White light, but in some Domestic & Commercial buildings Daylight is recommended for it’s Mood Lifting abilities.


October 2018

Replacement Door Entry System to Nursing Home

Internal Keypad & Keyfob Reader
Electronic Maglock fitted to top of Door
External Keypad & Keyfob Reader






Busy South Wales Nursing Home requires easy access for staff going back and forth,

Whilst limiting the movements of unaccompanied patients and unannounced visitors.


Replace old door entry system with new internal & external Proximity Key Fob Readers.
Provide and program 60 Key Fobs.
(Presented to bottom part of Reader to gain access)
Locking provided by new 250 Kg Maglock fitted to top of main door.
Green break glass provided for emergency exit,
Also install push button override exit switch to adjacent office.
Approximate value of works £800